• From our Finca in 15 minutes walking distance you come to Pozo Verde, a small waterfall with a natural pond surrounded by nature.
  • About half an hour on foot is the famous Pozo Azul, a collection of beautiful cascades and natural basins – dive into the crystal clear, cool mountain water
  • Is a particularly nice walk in the morning the way to observe the coffee plantation “La Candelaria”, many birds there are on the road and on Candelaria you can learn everything about coffee cultivation, fermentation, roasting and marketing – and of course drink the delicious concoction.
  • You can take a full day round trip up to “Los Pinos”. The trail passes through feral cocoa plantations, pristine nature, tiny settlements. Most times you will encounter monkeys in the treetops. In “Los Pinos” is one the world at your feet, on a clear day you can see here on the one hand the snowy peaks of the mountains and on the other side the Caribbean with its picturesque islands.
  • A hike from Minca to Bonda, on the Paso del Mango, going over old stone paths of the indigenous through lush forest and old Mangogrove.
  • 5 minutes from Minca place is located “Las pierdas” – a collection of rocks and stones that washed around the river and where you can swim and play to their heart’s content.