How it all happened.

We, that is Heidrun and Pawel, a happy couple, realized in 2012 one of our dreams and travelled for 18 month the world.


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Our wonderful trip started on Malaysia, then we have enjoyed for nearly a year Australia, made a short trip to New Zealand. Since than we already knew: 18 months is not enough, and we shifted our return for another 6 months. So we were able to experience relaxed Canada, the northern United States and then we had 6 months left to see a little bit of South America.

First we flew to the Colombian Caribbean coast – and from there appeared the green mountains so full of promise, that soon we went up to Minca. And it was for both of us love at first sight – the scenery, the people, the climate, nature.

After a few weeks we traveled further, lived in the wilderness of the Amazon, breathed the fresh air of Lake Titicaca , at the equator balancing an egg on a nail ….. but the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta did not let us go.

And so 3 months later we are back in Minca, decided to buy this piece of land and turn our backs to Germany.

We have our house and the guestrooms built ourself, everything used according to ecological principles, local wood, we use 100% solar energy, have an organic wastewater system. Our drinking water is pure springwater from the Sierra.