A large part of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, 675.000 ha, are national Park and under the protection of UNESCO.

Nevertheless, everyone who lives here, called to do no harm, but to live in and with nature.

We have set ourselves the goal of living in harmony with the elements that surround us.

IMG_7846So we were the first on-site 100% solar energy and the Caribbean sun cools our refrigerator, 🙂 among others. We opted for a system with 3750 watt and are not connected to the “normal” power grid – and even in the rainy season we produce enough electricity is generated for all devices, power tools etc. . This system has been installed by Energia Solar de Caribe, a young company whose owners shape the future of Colombia, see .

The water from the Sierra Nevada is precious and particularly important in the era of climate change. Our domestic water comes from a spring in the mountains and has the highest drinking water quality.

tiere (14)We have built a special three-phases-Bioklärwerk, according to the system of Instytut ekologii Stosowanej The first catch basin used for separation, the second provide special cleaning plants for a fast and odorless decomposition. If this process is complete, the now water flows into a third pool, the pond. The water is clean enough that you can use it to irrigate the garden. We have decided to apply for a permanent pond with fish, frogs etc as an enrichment of the garden.

10290633_1876384012586841_1810064090710195706_nWe try as much as possible not to create waste, and every day, the garden is growing, we are less dependent on purchased food.

Our fruit – vegetable and herb garden is 100% organic, there are neither pesticides nor chemical fertilizers used.